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Written by LocumSg Friday, 19 December 2014 08:42

Dear LocumSg Friends,


Caring for the elderly in a home environment is challenging due to the intense level of attention that needs to be dedicated to their unique needs. This challenge is exacerbated by the ever-increasing work commitments of family members who double-up as caregivers. Consequently, a significant number of families have enlisted the help of foreign domestic workers to care for their elderly loved-ones. However, it has been estimated that more than half of these workers do not possess the requisite experience and/or training to care for the elderly.

CARE (Career Advisors Recruitment Enterprise) Pte Ltd (“CARE”) seeks to address this gap in care-giving standards by providing high quality, state-of-the-art trained caregivers at affordable rates to the elderly who want to age-in-place, in the familiar environment of their own home, with their family and friends. Incorporated in Singapore, CARE is steered by profoundly experienced and highly qualified healthcare professionals (one of whom possesses a Master in Gerontology) who are passionate about recruiting, training and delivering outstanding caregivers.




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LocumSg site was first conceived in October 2010 as an extension to a googlegroup e mailing forum started by a locum whom was retrenched from his previous job due to funding issues. The name “LocumSg” was choosen from a few suggestions and ultimately voted in.
LocumSg is still a “hobby” site with sole purpose of linking up clinics with locum doctors. It is not for profit and volunteers do the entire web tools, design and content. We hope to improve our services in terms of linking and networking locum doctors up to allow clinics to have a seamless and efficient method of getting locums.


As LocumSg is neither a registered company nor a registered organization, we take no responsibility of confirming the locums for clinics or guarantee the quality of the locums. We are not a locum HR agency and do not do background checks on our locum members as such. We can only confirm that our members are registered doctors


To all Clinic & Institution HR Managers! Posting onto my website is FREE OF CHARGE. Just e mail us your contents and I will paste it onto LocumSg front page like those adverts above! We have more than 1000 Singapore registered doctors signed up in this free portal!
Interested managers kindly e mail us @ We also run a locum e mail list consisting of more than 700 members, about 10% of non specialist doctor population in Singapore. Locums interested to be included in this list kindly e mail me as well.